The choices you make about where to study can make a big impact on the rest of your life. When you take IELTS and apply to study abroad in a country like the UK, you can make connections and find opportunities to enable your future career growth all over the world. Consider the list of options below to start your life after graduation.

Investigate internships

During your final year of studies, start looking for internships that are available in your field. An internship is a great way to get much-needed work experience after you graduate and often companies will use your internship period to assess whether you are the right fit for a permanent role. If your internship goes well, you could have an immediate foot in the door to your chosen industry and avoid job hunting without experience.

An internship can last as long as a year or be as short as the UK summer holidays. Whether your time with a company is brief or extended, the experience adds value to your resume. Study UK suggests getting in touch with your university’s career services, reaching out to potential employers on LinkedIn and searching specialist internship websites like Milkround.

Work placements while you study

Depending on the course you choose, you may be offered a work placement opportunity as part of your master’s degree. According to Study UK, you can expect to be placed with a company for a period of six to twelve months, before completing your final year of study.

Reach out to your university about work placement opportunities while you study and read more about the rules and regulations involved here. Once you’ve taken an IELTS test, you can apply to universities that offer work placements and get a head start in your career.

Achieve your goals anywhere in the world

Find an institution that prides itself on the employability of its graduates if you have global career ambitions. Three UK universities make the top 20 list of QS Graduate Employability Rankings for 2022. At Oxford University, 80% of graduates found paid employment within 15 months of graduating.

Once you’ve qualified at a world-renowned institution with an internship or work placement under your belt, you can enter the job market with confidence. With IELTS, life after graduation can offer you a world of opportunities!