British Council

Ministry of Education and Skills Development

Together with the Ministry of Education and Skills Development our aim is to assist teachers to enhance their teaching skills and knowledge, and help learners to find learning fun and memorable through our Connecting Classrooms and Reading Challenge programmes.

Botswana Football Association

In collaboration with the Botswana Football Association we train community coaches and referees to acquire and use skills to bring positive changes to their communities through our Premier Skills programme.


British Council got in partnership with Debswana in 2015. Debswana reintroduced the scholarship programme and the British Council has been selected as the Scholarship Administrator.

On the 2nd of September 2015,the Debswana OE & Talent team joined the British Council for the pre-departure briefing and sending off to the UK 14 students who will be studying at Chelsea Independent College and Duff Miller College respectively. A total of 35 students were placed within local institutions; with 13 students admitted in Maru-a-Pula School, 12 in Legae Academy and 11 housed in University of Botswana.



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