Young boys cheering after a football game organised by the Premier Skills programme
Young boys cheering after a football game organised by the Premier Skills programme ©

British Council

Premier Skills is our international partnership with the Premier League operating in 25 countries across Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Through Premier Skills, young people, including the most vulnerable in society, are given opportunities to become better integrated into their local communities, to develop their skills for employability and raise their self-esteem.   

Teachers and learners of English can access free, compelling, football-based learning materials on the Premier Skills website.

The programme also provides training for young coaches and referees, teaching them how to use football to bring positive change to their communities. The courses are run by former Premier League players and current coaches.

How we've been reaching young Batswana

Through the partnership with the Botswana Football Association, the British Council organises face-to-face training for coaches and referees, using highly skilled coaches and referee trainers from the Premier League and its clubs. The participants are then supported in developing their own community-focused football projects.

Participants are from clubs and schools. We give priority to those who were active in their communities, as well as those from under-privileged backgrounds or disadvantaged groups. 

"I am looking forward to meeting the African coaches and to hearing their own accounts of how Premier Skills has helped with their football development." 

 - John Barnes, England 2018 Ambassador



Visit the Premier Skills website for information about the coaching programmes. Or go to the Premier Skills teachers' page if you’re a teacher hoping to harness the popularity of football for the good of your students. 


Visit the Premier Skills website for football-related games, stories, videos and exercises designed to improve English skills.