A chance to study abroad is a chance to gain a world of experience. If you plan to study at one of the world-renowned universities in countries like the United Kingdom, you are about to get so much more than a formal academic education. Enjoy the chance to try new experiences and grow with the world around you – start with a few helpful tips below!

Your first week of student life: make a new friend

Your first week as a student in a brand-new city is going to be a busy one! Settling into your accommodation, finding your way around the city and around campus will be easier once you have a friend. We encourage you to make a new friend in your classes or at your accommodation so you can support each other. 

Every year, thousands of students looking to get their degree or further their studies, flock to cities in the UK for a world-class education. Book your IELTS test today and make your move with the next round of students aiming for a global experience!

Your first month of student life: try a new dish 

Cities in the UK are so multicultural, you can taste food from all over the world if you explore a bit. A traditional English breakfast is a must-try and fish and chips for lunch could become your new favourite. You can also enjoy the tastes of Lebanon in Newcastle upon Tyne, try Italian in London, or make the most of a Mediterranean feast in Liverpool.

If your accommodation allows it, invite the friends you make from other countries over to take turns making and sharing traditional meals. This is a great way to bond, save money on eating out and experience a taste of a different culture. IELTS assesses your English Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading Skills, making it the ideal test to help improve your confidence before you study abroad.

Your first year of student life: discover the landscape 

You can turn into a tourist during the holidays when you study in the UK. There are so many beautiful things to see and do outside of the big cities, even for students on a budget. Take the tube to Leeds Castle if you’re studying in London or enjoy the beautiful fresh air of Bath. 

Explore nature and try out the countless hiking trails all over the UK. Areas like Yorkshire Dales and the Seven Sisters in Sussex offer spectacular views and unique features. Public transport in the UK makes it easy to get around so all you need to do is plan your route and your budget before you head out. 

Our IELTS practice tests not only prepare test takers to get their required band score for the Speaking section, it’s also great practice for communicating with new people you meet abroad.

Your first celebration of student life: share your experience 

Once you’ve made friends, explored your new city and settled into student life, we urge you to share your culture with the people around you. Make your traditions known and invite your new friends to celebrate special moments with you. 

Your years as a student could be the best time of your life, when you jump at the right opportunities! Make your move with IELTS from the British Council and book your test today.  

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