If you’re taking the IELTS test, you’re about to take a big step in your life. Starting a new job in a new country, applying for universities abroad, or even looking for better career opportunities at home requires careful planning if you want to stay on track. When you are required to take IELTS to achieve your goals, we can help you get your results in time for your application dates.  

Early Applications 

When there are lots of documents to submit, time tends to speed up.  Check your application deadlines and plan well in advance so you can avoid last-minute stress. If you take your IELTS test well in advance of your deadline, you are giving yourself time for a rewrite in case you do not achieve the required score.  

Check if the institution you have applied to work or study at offers a window period for you to submit your IELTS Test Report Form. If you take IELTS on Computer, you can provide a preview of your results within 3 – 5 calendar days of taking the test. If you take IELTS on Paper, a preview of your results will be available on our Test Taker Portal 13 calendar days after your test. 

More Opportunities 

Once you have decided that moving abroad is part of your plan, you have opened yourself up to a world of opportunities. When you take the IELTS test early enough and have your results ready, you can take some time to consider your university or work options. This includes research about which cities are booming with job opportunities for the skills you have, which universities offer specialized training and post-graduate support, what the costs of living abroad will be, and more. 

Whether you take IELTS on Computer or IELTS on Paper with the British Council, we will ensure your result is delivered to the institutions that need it. Most universities and companies require the original IELTS Test Report Form and will not accept copies, so we will send up to five additional forms on your behalf. Make sure you give us the full addresses of the institutions you have applied to when you register for your IELTS test.  

Avoid Anxiety 

Waiting for any sort of test result can cause anxiety, making days feel like weeks and weeks feel like months. If the anticipation is too much to bear, you should consider IELTS on Computer so you can see your results faster. If you are worried about when the institutions you have applied to will receive your Test Report Form, you can be assured that they are sent out via courier on the same day as the online preview becomes available. It takes at least seven working days to complete delivery so factor this time into the IELTS test format choice you make.  

You only need to book your IELTS test with us four calendar days in advance. If you feel anxious about waiting for your test date, you can book and write the test within the same week. Use the four days between booking and writing to try a few practice tests or watch the advice videos in our Road to IELTS online preparation course. 

Ready to fast-track your plans abroad? Take IELTS with us today.   

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