About CIPS

CIPS is the world’s largest professional body serving procurement and supply; a not-for profit organisation that exists for the public. We have the largest membership of procurement and supply professionals in the world, covering all industries, sectors and job activities and have a global community of over 115,000 in 150 countries. Throughout the world CIPS qualifications are recognised as the drivers of leading-edge thinking and professionalism in procurement and supply.

Become MCIPS

MCIPS membership grade is globally recognised as the professional licence signifying high achievement and ongoing commitment to excellence in procurement and supply.

About our qualifications 

We offer five qualifications to support your professional development in procurement and supply:

  • Certificate in procurement and supply operations 
  • Advanced certificate in procurement and supply operations   
  • Diploma in procurement and supply  
  • Advanced diploma in procurement and supply 
  • Professional diploma in procurement and supply 

Download our Guide to CIPS qualifications 

CIPS holds exams in international centres five times a year, March, May, July, September and  November. For each of our qualifications you are required to complete five units. You will be required to join CIPS as a Student Member before you can enter for an exam.  

Find about more on the CIPS website 


Apply for CIPS membership

Please note that you can only register for CIPS exam when you have membership. You can apply for your CIPS membership at the British Council Botswana. To apply for new membership you can download the CIPS new membership application form at the bottom of this page then complete it and submit it to the British Council office together with the proof of payment.Your membership will be ready in about three weeks time. Once you are a member now you can register for the exams.

For membership renewal download the CIPS membership renewal form at the bottom of this page then complete and submit it with the proof of payment to our office. 

Register for an exam

The CIPS exam is administered five times in a year; March, May, July, September and November. To register for an exam  you can download the exam enrolment form at the bottom of this page then complete it and submit it to the British Council office together with the proof of payment. The venue for your exam will be confirmed on your exam confirmation letter and My CIPS account.

Registration for November 2019 Examinations is now open 

Please note that we accept CIPS exam payment from candidates who would like to sit for the exams with the British Council in Gaborone or British Council in Francistown centres ONLY. We will NOT accept payment from candidates wishing to sit for exams with non-British Council exam centres. 

How to make payments for memberships and exams

  1. You will need a reference number before making your payment. Contact the British Council for your unique reference number. Alternatively, you can quote your membership number (if you are a continuing student) or your National ID / Passport number as the reference number on your deposit slip
  2. Please make your registration payment to:

Bank: Standard Chartered Bank
Branch: Hemamo
Branch code: 662767
Type of account: current
Account number: 0100176604300

We accept payments into our bank account from the following:

  • Electronic bank transfer from your internet banking
  • Direct deposit (using bank deposit slip) into the above named British Council bank account 

3. To make any of the above payments you must quote your registration British Council assigned Reference Number / ID number in all reference fields that are available.

4. For candidates making payments via bank deposit, it is prudent to plan for an extra day or two for processing payments.

5. Failure to quote a reference number may delay your application process.

For our local examination and membership fees please contact us.  

Getting your results

Results will be available on My CIPS

Special Arrangements

If you have any special needs, please get in touch with us at least eight weeks before submitting your application. You should include any supporting documents, such as a medical certificate, with your exam registration paperwork. 

Where can you sit your exam

The current exam venue for Gaborone is Botho University, Botho Education Park, Kgale, Gaborone, Botswana. The venue for Francistown is Botho University , Plot 6434, Tati River plots, Francistown, Botswana . If there are any changes in the exam venue the British Council will communicate the changes.


The British Council and the examining boards take all reasonable steps to provide continuity of service. We feel sure you will understand, however, that we cannot be held responsible for any interruptions caused by circumstances beyond our control. If examinations or their results are disrupted, cancelled or delayed, every effort will be made to resume normal service as soon as possible. The British Council’s liability will be limited to the refund of the registration fee or retesting at a later date.